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A new nematode Oxysomatium striatus ( Nematoda : Oxyuridae) from Hoplobatracus tigerinus from Manipur

Th.Tarnitaa*, R.K.Gambhira, Zenith Ng.a & Sonia Oinama
a*Parasitology Section,Department of Life Sciences,Manipur University,Canchipur
Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Sylvan,Hengbung,Senpati,Manipur*

Received  5th April., 2012; Revised 10th June., 2012.

Abstract : A new nematode Oxysomatium striatus  n. sp. is described from the rectum of Hoplobatracus tigerinus Daudin  from Manipur. It differs from the other Oxysomatium species reported in amphibians of India mainly in possessing striation all over the body.

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