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Toxic effect of parathion on hematobiochemistry of air breathing fish Channa gachua (Ham)

Sanjay Kumar Rajua* & D.N.Sadhua
aUniversity Dept. Of Zoology, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, Jharkhand, India.

Received : 10th Jan. 2012; Revised: 5th June.,2011

Abstract : In the present study the Channa gachua(Ham) were exposed to various test concentration of organophosphate pesticide, parathion for 30 days along with control. The blood glucose, serum protein and serum cholesterol in control group of C.gachua were 69.83mg/100ml, 4.89g/100ml and 144.85mg/100ml respectively. Chronic exposure of fish for 30 days to sub lethal concentration of parathion 25ppm caused significant increase both in glucose and cholesterol while decrease in serum protein as compared to control. The reason for such changes has been discussed in this paper.

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