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Reservoirs fisheries management in Jharkhand

Matiur Rahmana* and Kiran Kumarib
a*Department of Zoology, Doranda college, Ranchi.
bState Fisheries, Jharkand, Ranchi

Received 15th Mar.,2012; Revised: 10th June,.2012

Abstract : Fish production system in majority of reservoirs is based on the principle of enhanced capture fisheries as the essence of management strategy lies in capture of self sustaining stocks. The present endeavor assess the stock management capacity of Getalsud reservoir largely based on physicochemical status of water and soil and productivity potential of Getalsud reservoir of >1000 ha surface area. Suggestive measures emphasizes on creating a conducive habitat for primary producer organisms to flourish and produce carbon at a high rate, and the maintenance of the habitat at optimal levels to suit the life cycles of all biotic communities including fishes.

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