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Umbrella plant, a natural growing horticulture crop. of Jharkhand

C.T.N. Singha, Nirbhay Ambastab & Jyoti Kumarc
a. Dept. of Botany, Ramgarh Collage, Ramgarh,
b. Dept. of Botany, V.B.U., Hazaribagh,
c. P.G. Dept. of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received 21th December, 2008; Revised 10th February, 2009

Abstract : :A few well selected houseplants can add immeasurably to any room in the house, but choosing the right once and looking after them can sometimes be very tricky even for experienced gardeners. All the more, the plants are exorbitantly prised in nurseries. The forest of Jharkhand provide us a jem house of wild plants which effortlesslly fill in our needs. The umbrella plant is one such plant which provides greenery to our surrounding1,2.


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