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Soil fertility status of Mulberry gardens in seven villages of Bangalore rural district in Karnataka

Shobha Rani M., & U.D., Bongale
Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute,
Thalaghattapura, Bangalore-560062, India.
Received: 13th December, 2008; Revised 6th February, 2009

Abstract : The available nutrient statuses of surface soils (0-30 cm) of mulberry gardens of seven villages of Bangalore Rural district were evaluated. Out of 127 samples tested, majority (54 samples) were slightly alkaline (>7.3) and 36 samples were low in organic carbon content (<0.5%). The data on available Phosphorus and Potassium reveals that only 7 samples were low in P2O5 content (<9kg/acre) and all the mulberry gardens (except 4 gardens) were showed sufficiency (<51 kg/acre) in the K2O content. Similarly, the data on available micronutrients revels that, among the total samples tested 17% were showed deficiency in the zinc content and 8% were deficiency in the manganese. All the gardens showed sufficiency with respect to iron and copper. Observations on the wider variability of micronutrients levels within and among the villages were discussed.


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