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Some Ethnomedicinal plants used in the treatment of bone fracture by the Tribal of Ranchi District

Soni   Kumari   and  Kunul  Kandir
University Department of Botany Ranchi University Ranchi Jharkhand.
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Abstract : The  present  investigation  deals  the uses of  ethnomedicinal  plants  in  the  treatment  of bone fracture. In Jharkhand  Ranchi , district has been reservoir  of  enormous  natural  resources  including  vegetational  wealth.
Bone fracture is a medical  condition  in which a bone is cracked  or broken. Local people have certain traditions to prevailing human ailments. They have good ideas about such plants which are used in treatment of bone fracture. These are –  Butea  monosperma, Cissus  quadrangularis, Curcuma longa, Terminalia  arjuna. These  plants  have  been  customarily   used   in   Ranchi   to   hasten   the  process  of   healing   in   bone  fracture.   Extract   of   these   plants   are  routinely   used  to   accelerate   the  process   of   bone   fracture   healing.  These   plants   have   been   noticed  during   our   studies.


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