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Studies on the diversity of crustaceans, molluscs and fishes of given sites at East Singhbum, Jharkhand

Paulomi Dutta* & S.B. Lal
University Department of Zoology, Kolhan University, Chaibasa, Jharkhand, India
Received : 10th June, 2022 ; Revised : 11th July, 2022

Abstract– During the course of study, the diversified specimens of molluscs, fishes and crustaceans were collected, observed and identified at the given three sites of lotic and lentic water bodies which include river Subarnarekha Mango, Jamshedpur and river Subarnarekha Galudih along with Patamda (ponds). The present study was meant to collect information about the species which are found at the given sites. Here, 4 family, 4 genus and 6 species of molluscs and in fishes 5 families, 5 order and 9 genus and 8 species were found. In crustaceans i.e macro benthic fauna, 1 family (Penaeidae) with 4 genus and 4 species were found according to the different taxonomic group of species were identified with the help of using keys from the following authors given below. No alien species came into observation during the course of study. All the observed specimen are native ones which were naturally available or cultivated at the given sites.

Key words: Diversification molluscs, fishes, crustaceans, ponds, penaediae, microbenthic fauna.

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