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Proximate composition of three species of fishes of family Channidae from Loktak Lake, Manipur

M. Shomorendraa*, N. Jeniaa, Ch. Bijayalakshmia, Ashok Luwangb & A. Shyamc
aDepartment of Zoology, Thambal Marik College, Oinam, Manipur, India
bDepartment of Chemistry, Standard College, Kongba, Imphal, Manipur, India
cBiotechnology Hub, Department of Botany, M. L. College, Yumnam Huidrom, Manipur, India
Received : 2nd May, 2022 ; Revised : 8th June, 2022

Abstract– The proximate composition of three fishes belonging to the Channidae family viz., Channa punctata (Spotted snakehead), Channa striata (Stripped snakehead) and Channa orientalis (Ceylon snakehead) were analysed to evaluate their nutritive value. These fishes were collected from Loktak Lake, Manipur to measure the diversity of their nutrients as compared to the other Channidae species available at different areas. Moisture content, average body weight with respect to their length, total ash and crude fat were measured, showing the highest moisture content of 83.68% on Channa orientalis, highest total ash of 7% shows with Channa striata and the highest crude fat value of 5.4 was found at Channa punctata respectively.

Key words: Proximate composition, fishes, channidae, nutrients, Loktak lake, Manipur

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