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Microbiological & Sensory evaluation of a freshwater air breathing fish, Clarias batrachus (Linn) during different storage condi

Tara Rani* & Ashok Kumar
Department of Zoology, Ganga Singh College, J. P. University, Chapra, Bihar, India
Received : 12th July, 2022 ; Revised : 13th August, 2022

Abstract– The total bacterial count in the muscle and skin of the fish, Clarias batrachus in fresh condition (“0″day) has been recorded more in summer than the winters months. During both summer and winter months, the fish stored in ice (chilled) conditions showed a gradual increase in TBC number which were recorded maximum on 20th & 25th days respectively, whereas, in superchilled conditions the TBC showed an initial decrease up to 8 days followed by an increase with maximum on 24th & 29th days in summer & winter months respectively. The sensory evaluation i.e. appearance, odour, eyes & gills gradually changed & as per torry’s scale, the shelf life of the fish in chilled & superchilled conditions has been recorded to be 18th & 23rd day in summer and on 22nd & 27th day in winter months respectively.

Key words: Microbiology, Clarias batrachus, TBC number, Sensory evaluation

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