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A comparative study between biopesticides and conventional pesticides

Amita Srivastava, Eshita Pandey & Ratnanjali
Department of Zoology, Dayanand Girls’ P.G. College, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Received :16th July, 2022 ; Revised : 16th August, 2022

Abstract– Conventional pesticides are synthetic chemicals (or agrochemicals). They generally work by directly killing or inactivating pests. Biopesticides, on the other hand, are naturally occurring bioactive organisms or substances. Biopesticides may directly kill harmful organisms, or they may work indirectly by interfering with the reproduction or simply repelling pests with substances they don’t like. Most biopesticides do not provide a “quick kill”, but rather suppress pests so that they can be managed over time. They also tend to decompose quickly and leave fewer residues on food and in the environment. Conventional Pesticides refers to synthetic substances as active ingredient while in biopesticides the active ingredient is derived from natural materials, such us, plants, fungi, entomopathogenic virus, nematodes, etc. Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used to kill pests.

Key words: Biopesticides, Conventional pesticides, chemical pesticides, agrochemical, bioactive

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