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Isolation and screening of potassium solubilizing soil bacteria from Rhizosphere of paddy plant

Ruby Kumari* & Dinesh Yadav
Department of Zoology, T.P. College, Madhepura, B.N.M.University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 18th February, 2022 ; Revised : 19th March, 2022

Abstract– Potassium solubilizing bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere of the Paddy plant. Altogether seven isolates were collected from the 15 villages of Madhepura district. All isolates were cultured in Aleksandrow medium and colonies were further sub-cultured in nutrient medium. Morphological and biochemical test were performed for colony morphology, gram-staining, Citrate-utilization test, Voges-Proskauer test, Catalase test, Oxidase test and Methyl test were performed. For the determination of solubilizinig efficiency and solubilisation index bacteria were cultured in Aleksandrow medium, Halozone and colony diameter were measured and Solubilizing Efficiency (SE) and Solubilization Index (SI) were calculated. The highest value was observed in isolate no. K1 (SE=11.33, SI=4.581) and the minimum for isolate no. K4 (SE=5.66, SI=2.698).

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