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Ethnyl estradiol administration affects serum estrogen level of male Clarias batrachus.

Rupa Shree*, Aman Kumar & Nayni Saxena
University Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 15th February, 2022 ; Revised : 16th March, 2022

Abstract– Dose dependent effect of ethnyl estradiol was studied on the serum estrogen level of male Clarias batrachus. Fishes weighing 150- 200 g were used for the study. They were divided into four different groups. Experimental groups were fed with ethnyl estadiol (5μg, 10μg and 20μg Kg-1 feed) in the diet supplemented through premarin (oral contraceptive pill). Control group fishes were fed normal fish diet. After treatment for 30 consecutive days blood was collected and serum estrogen assayed by Enzyme Immunoassay. Results showed significant increase in blood estrogen levels in ethnyl estradiol treated fishes. Serum estrogen values were 0.1 μg/ml (control), 0.6 μg/ml (5 μg ethnyl estradiol), 1.0 μg/ml (10 μg ethnyl estradiol), and 1.3 μg/ml (20 μg ethnyl estradiol). A dose dependent effect was evident. The present results indicate that ethnyl estradiol has feminization effect on the male fish and may cause ovarian follicle development. At juvenile stage exogenous administration of ethnyl estradiol may result in gonadal malfunctions and suppress testicular development leading to sterilization or feminization. This may cause reproductive failure and result in reduced fish population in aquatic environment.

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