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Population density of zooplanktons of Matashya Beez Prachhetra water body of Dighra, Muzaffarpur (Bihar, India)

Kumar Abhinesh*
Department of Education, T.P Verma College, Narkatiaganj, West Champaran, Bihar, India
Received : 15th June, 2020 ; Revised :28th August, 2020

Abstract- As a part of my continued investigation on the planktonic composition of water sample collected from Matashya Beez Prachhetra water body of Dighra, Muzaffarpur which is a fresh water low dimension pond used for fisheries, this article reports on the population density of different zooplanktons found in this aquatic habitat. In addition to several phytoplanktons reported from this water body in my previous research paper, eight different species of zooplanktons belonging to Rotifera, Crustacea & Brachiopoda have been found in this pond with variation in the population density in different season like winter, autumn, summer & rain. The trend of population density & variation in different season has direct correlation with that of phytoplanktons. Surprisingly the density of zooplanktonic species reflects a balance interrelationship with that of phytoplanktons thereby making the pond a steady state system.

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