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Effect of per oral inoculation of bacterial isolates from flacherie disease silkworm on larval weight reduction

Anusha, H. G & Bhaskar, R.N.*
*Department of Sericulture UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru-65, Karnataka. India

Received 22nd December, 2015; Revised : 27th February. 2016

Abstract : Flacheric is a major disease in silkworm and it is a flaccid condition in which worm suffer from vomiting dysentery. The disease is common during summer and rainy seasons in all the sericultural areas of India and it is caused by different species of bacteria, viruses and their mixed infections. Per oral inoculation of different pathogenic bacteria viz, Lysinibacillus sphericus(L). Alcaligenes faecalis (A), Bacillus subtilis(B) and NPV (N) revealed significant reduction in larval weight from end of the third instar to subsequent instars(fourth and fifith instar). The administration of Lysinibacillus sphericus with other bacterial isolates to third instar larvae of PM*CSR2, recorded maximum of 0.99 g/10 recorded for distilled water administered lot and the same lot noticed minimum of 0.76 g/l0(L+A+N) at the end of the third instar and the same trend was found in both fourth and fifth instar batch. The combined effect of NPV and other bacterial isolates also revealed that, the decreased larval weight ranges from 0.77 (N+B+L) – 0.83 (N+A)at the end of third instar, where as 0.82 (N+L+A) – 0.86 (N+A) and 2.76 (N+B+L) – 3.00 (N+A) , 2.89 (N+B+L) – 3.18 (N+A) and 18.65 (N+B+L) – 19.40 (N+A) g/10 at the beginning and end of the fourth and fifth instar over distilled water administered A batch(0.99, 1.04 & 4.60, 4.68 &24.85 g/10 larvae) respectively. The pathogenicity of the bacterial isolate Alcaligenes faecalis was low compared to Lysinibacillus sphericus(L). Bacillus subtilis(B) and NPV(N).

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