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A new species of Pipunculidae (diptera) from Indo-Nepal border of Champaran district, Bihar, India

Shailendra KumarAmogha*, Prakash Michaelb & Ashwani Kumarc
a*Deptt. of Biological Sciences, SHIATS, Allahabad- 211007, U.P., India
bDeptt.of Zoology, R.L.S.Y College, Bettiah-845438, BRABU, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India
cDeptt. of Entomoloy, SHIATS, Allahabad-211007, U.P., India

Received , 12th January, 2016; Revised: 28th February, 2016

Abstract : The paper describes and illustrates a new Pipunculid (Big headed fly) species Pipunculus cephalops Pokharensis, sp. nov. The specimens were collected from localities in various places of Indo-Nepal border of Champaran district which has humid, mountainous, low topical vegetation. The new species resembles Pipunculus cephalops deminitens Hardy but can be differentiated in. its smaller body, proleural fan with 4-5 bristles, 1′ abdominal segment with 3 stout black bristles on both sides and piercer of ovipositor reaches upto 4th abdominal segment.

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