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Threatened and endemic ichthyofauna of the river Kharkai, Jharkhand with suggestion for their conservation

Anjali Srivastavaa* & Ravinder Singhb
a*Department of Zoology , Jamshedpur Women’s College, Jamshedpur
bPG Department of Zoology, Kolhan University, Chaibasa
Received 18th November, 2013; Revised 24th December, 2013

Abstract :The freshwater fish fauna of Kharkai River (Jharkhand) has been reviewed in respect of the threatened and endemic freshwater fishes of our country. At present forty four species belonging to thirty six genera, fifteen families of freshwater fishes are known to occur in this river. It has been found that his river contains forty three threatened and one endemic freshwater fishes of India. Since for several reasons a large number of freshwater fishes of our country has been designated as the threatened species , it is therefore, their conservation measures should be immediately adopted to protect them. A number of factors are responsible for the present position of the freshwater fishes, of our country causing concern for their existence and survival. Some of the factor are like overfishing , pollution , deforestation , habitat alternation primarily due to construction of dam across rivers, Intensive aquaculture, competition from the exotic species etc. Some conservation measures have been described in this paper.

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