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The status of Eucreadium sinhai Gautam, Singh and Singh (2012) – a critical review

Anita Jhaa, Umapati Sahayb & A.P.V. Khalkhoc
a*Dept. of Zoology, Gardani Bagh, Govt. Girls’ College, Patna, Bihar, India
bDept of Zoology, R.U., Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
cDept. of Zoology, Women’s College, Chaibasa, K.U., Jharkhand, India
Received , 10th November, 2013 ;Revised: 20th December, 2013

Abstract :Eucreadium sinhai (Trematoda) recovered from the intestine of Clarias batrachus was described by Gautam et al. (2012)1. Unfortunately its placement under the genus Eucreadium seems to be wrong as it shows the –

i. Presence of body spines only on the anterior part of body,
ii. Vitellaria scattered in the lateral field of body extending from behind ovary to the posterior end of body
iii. Testes tandem, oval post equatorial, are not the characters of the genus Eucreadium [Ref. synopsis of digenetic trematodes by Yamaguti (1971)2]
The above paper has a number of other lacunae. The present authors have gone into the details & have reasons to place the above trematode under the genus Allocreadium Looss, 19023 Stossich, 19034 and or to place the said species under enquiry.

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