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A new nematode of the genus Spinitectus (Nematoda: Cystidicolidae) from the stomach of a hill stream fish Acanthocobitis sp.,in Manipur, India

Mukhesh, Ka* & Gambhir, R.Ka
a*Department of Life Sciences, Parasitology Section,Manipur University, Canchipur-795003, Imphal.
Received 15th November, 2013; Revised 22nd December, 2013

Abstract : A new nematode, Spinitectus heterospiculi n. sp., was recovered from the stomach of a fish collected from a hill stream in Manipur, India during the study of helminth parasitic infection in fishes. It differs from its congeners in having different number and arrangement of spines and in the morphology of spicules. It is the first valid record of this genus Spinitectus reported from fresh water fish of this region.

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