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Status of physico-chemical analysis of Ganga water at Kanpur (U.P)

Archana Singh,a* Harshita Jaiswal,a Vijay Tewaria & Jitendra Mohanb
aDepartment of Botany, D.G. (P.G.) College, Kanpur
bD.A.V College, Kanpur

Received 15th January, 2012; Revised 27th February, 2012

Abstract : The present investigation deals with the distribution and monthly variation of certain physico-chemical parameters of river Ganga at Kanpur (U.P.) during the year (January-December, 2010) have been analyzed. The results are calculated on the basis of treated and untreated effluent in water. The research reveals that the black and brown colour of water, high sediments load and particulate matter a thick water sludge, high Turbidity and low DO, much quantity of organic or non living material to decompose high BOD etc. have destructed  the ecosystem  of river Ganga  to such an extent that has become too much simplified. The water of river Ganga has reached to septic stage near Kanpur city.

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