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Osteomyology of caudal fin of freshwater teleost Tilapia mossambica Peters (1952)

Narendra Pratap Singha* & Kumari Archanab
Dept. of Zoology, R.L.S.Y.College, Bettiah,
B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India

Received  3rd  January, 2012; Revised 25th February, 2012

Abstract : Osteomyology is relatively an untouched branch of Anatomi which deals with the organization of osteology and musculature together for achieving the wnderful function of  multidimentional movement and urthropodization. The fishes and other aquatic organisms are suposed to display variety of vertical and horizontal movements related with their swimming and floating in different columns of water.
The present paper deals with the plan of osteomyological organization of cordal of fresh water bonyfish (Teleost)  T.mossambica. Majority of the teleostean fishes use their caudal fin as an important part of their propulsive mechanism. Essentially, during rapid progression, the caudal fin reduces the amplitude of the propulsive body wave, concentrates the thrust applied and reduces the yawing movement of the body.

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