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Physicochemical characteristics of the Maharaja Badabagh fish pond, Dumaraon (Buxar), Bihar

Shivchandra Kumar a*,  Anil Kumar Singhb, Rani Sinhac & D.K.Pauld
aDept. of Chemistry, V.K.S.U., Ara (Bihar), bS.V.P College, Bhabua (Kaimur), Bihar
cDept. of Zoology V.K.S.U., Ara, Bihar.
dDept. of Zoology, Patna Univerity, Patna, Bihar.

Received 10th January, 2012; Revised 28th February, 2012

Abstract : In this paper an attempt has been for the detailed ecological studies of Maharaja Badabagh fish pond, Dumaraon of Buxar district in Bihar. No scientific literature is available about the ecology of this pond. For the present study, water samples were collected in the representing months of monsoon, winter and summer seasons in the two consecutive years from July 2007 to June 2009. Some of the physicochemical parameters were analysed on the spots where as other parameters were analysed in the laboratory. Water temperature of the pond changed in accordance with the seasons and atmospheric temperature. Water depth was maximum in monsoon. Turbidity was detected quite high due to high total solids and organic matter. pH remained acidic throughout the investigation period. Dissolved oxygen was found quite low in the monsoon season. High value of hardness was recorded during winter. Amount of BOD showed a striking feature of the pond. Presence of chloride reflected the indication of organic matter in the pond, which may be due to extensive bathing, sewage disposal and agriculture run-off. Overall physicochemical study depicted that the pond may be suitable for pisciculture after proper treatment of  sewage and domestic wastes before discharged in the pond.


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