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Toxic effects of various concentrations of urea on blood chemistry of an air breathing fish Channa punctatus (Bloch.)

D.K. Paulaa, M R Islamb, N P Sahc, Punam Kumarib & G K Thakurc
a Department of Zoology, Patna University,Patna, Bihar — 800 005
bA.N. College, Dumka.
cDepartment of Zoology, SKM University, Dumka Jharkhand — 814101
Received 13th June 2007, Revised 28th August 2007

Abstract: In the present study, the Channa punctatus were exposed to various test concentrations of urea for 96 hours along with the control utilizing 10 animals. Decrease in the level of blood glucose was observed in all the test concentrations of urea. Plasma protein was significantly increased in all the different concentrations while total plasma cholesterol decreased significantly. The hypoglycemic response may be a result of greater energy requirement with inadequate supply of energy source due to increased metabolic activities. A decreased level of cholesterol in Channa punctatus might be due to increased breakdown of cholesterol into free fatty acids but increase in the level of total protein in urea treated fishes might be due to increased alpha-2 globulin value. In human beings such increase is observed during liver cirrhosis, nephritic syndrome or in malnutrition state. Increase in the level of plasma protein due to haemoconcentration can also not be ignored.

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