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Evaluation of winter faunal diversity of certain localities of districts Pratapgarh, Sultanpur and Etawah of Uttar Pradesh

S.P. Srivastavaa*, S.K. Singhb & B. Azadb
aDepartment of Zoology, DAV, PG College, Kanpur
bSr. Scientist, IIPR, Kalyanpur, Kanpur

Received 22nd January, Revised 11th July, 2007

 Abstract: The frequencies and abundance of fauna (insects, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibian have been expressed meager. A numbers of organisms of class onychophora and arachnida have also been recorded. As regards molluscs both snails and slugs were noticed. Among the insects fauna, different orders of insects were observed and recorded viz.,orthoptera, coleoptera. hemiptera, Lepidoptera, diptera, hymenoptera, thysanoptera, ) dictyoptera. A few odonates and phasmids have also been observed.

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