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On a new key to the nematode species of the genus Spirocamallanus Olsen (1952)

Umapati Sahaya*, R.P. Singhb, Deepa Prasadc, & Anita Jhad
aDept. of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi
bDept. of Zoology, Marwari College, Ranchi
cDept. of Zoology, J. D. Women’s College, Patna
dDept. of Zoology, Gardanibagh Mahila College, Patna

Abstract: Key to the species of the genus Procamallanus Baylis (1923) was given by Annereaux (1946); Khera (1955); Ali (1956, 1960); Agarwal (1966); Sahay (1966) and Soota (1983). It was Olsen (1952), who erected the genus Spirocamallanus, whereas the genus Onchocamallanus was created by Petter (1979). Some of the species falling under the then genus Procamallanus have now been transferred to the genera Spirocamallanus and Onchocamallanus. The genus Spirocamallanus Olsen (1952) is characterized by spiral thickening in the inner wall of buccal capsule, whereas the genus Onchocamallanus Petter (1979) is distinguished by the longitudinal thickening on the inner wall of the buccal capsule. In the light of (i) transference of some Procamallanids in the genus Spirocamallanus, (ii) new additions of certain species in the said genus, (iii) non inclusion of certain species and (iv) errors committed in past by some authors, it has become necessary to provide a new key.

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