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Egg conversion rate in relation to temperature in Bombyx mori

Muniraju*, B. M. Shekharappa & R. Raghuraman
Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute,
Thalaghattapura, Bangalore – 560 062

Received 12th February 2007; Revised 3rd August 2007

Abstract : Efficient conversion of consumed food in to egg recovery by weight is an index of the role of the race in the industry. This is influenced by leaf quality, rearing environment besides others. Temperature in tropics plays a significant role and therefore considered in the present study. Pure Mysore (multivoltine) and NB4D2 (bivoltine) were taken for the study. The relevance of constant temperature during young age rearing and selected combinations during late age has been assessed. With increase in constant temperature level during entire rearing, the egg recovery by weight is reduced inspite of more or less uniform food consumption. Further, the values for leaf consumption in relation to egg recovery are better for Pure Mysore (PM) over NB4D2 indicative of the level of plasticity. 26 °C and 28 °C throughout followed by 28 °C during early and 26 °C during late age are favorable for improved efficiency over others both in respect of Pure Mysore and NB4D2. Temperature beyond 28 °C during chawki is not favorable irrespective of temperature provided during late age in respect of both the races. Similar trend is recorded for other parameters considered in relation to egg recovery by weight.

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