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Estimation of protease activity in different cultivars of rice and barley infected with Pseudomonas marginalis (Brown) Stevens

Anil Kumar*
Department of Botany, Ranchi College, Ranchi.

Received 7th August 2007;  Revised 5th  September 2007

Abstracts: The bacterium Pseudomonas marginalis infects wide varieties of rice and barley cultivars. The pathogen gives rise to several metabolic changes in the host; the altered protease activity being one of them. The variation in the protease activity has always been associated with relative changes in the protein content of the host. The findings in the present study also confirm the same lowering with some exceptions. During the pathogenesis of the bacterium the protease content dropped drastically as the disease progressed. This was true for all the cultivars and also for all the plant samples collected from different plant parts namely roots, stem and leaf.

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