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The relative studies on the development of oocytes and corpora allata in female Poecilocerus pictus (Fabr.)

S.M. Mahboob Hassana*, Sunil Kumara, Shayeba Hassana & Anju Kumaria
aDept. of Zoology, Patna Science College, Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India.
Received 20th July, 2013; Revised 26th August, 2013

Abstract : Poecilocerus pictus has one pair glandular corpora allata (CA) on the lateral sides of the fore gut behind the corpora cardiaca (CC).The corpus allatum is connected with nervi coporis allati (NCA-I) which are formed by the axons of NCC-I and NCC-II. The size of the CA varies with the cycle of secretory activities of the glands. The corpora allata is one of the important endocrine glands which play a role in the development of oocytes. The females of P. pictus were reared with castrated males or without males. The size of primary oocytes and size of corpora allata became affected in comparison to those reared with normal males. In freshly moulted females, the size of primary oocytes and size of CA are smaller than that of the gravid females. The size of primary oocytes gradually developed and attained maximum in size in 32 days old females of P. pictus.

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