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Glycemic interaction of aqueous extract of Vinca rosea in albino mice

Radheshyam Singha*, Bipin Bihari Singha, Chandrawati Jeea, Preeti Kumaria, Navdeep Ranjana, Babaloo Kumara, Nishua, Priyankaa & Subodh Narayanb
a*Department of Botany, A.N.College, Patna, Bihar
bDepartment of Biotechnology, A. N. College, Patna, Bihar.
Received 15th June, 2013; Revised 22nd July, 2013

Abstract : In the present research work, aqueous extract of Vinca rosea[L] proves to be hypoglycemic and anti diabetic without any significant adverse effect on liver. In an one month long aqueous extract treatment, no antigenic effect was reported against the markers studied were SGPT, Alkaline Phosphatase and Serum bilirubin for Liver function test in both fasting and post prandial cases. The p- value of Serum bilirubin become less than 0.1 ,p- value for SGPT remain less than 0.1 , p- value for Alkaline phosphatase less than 0.02 for extract treatment in euglycemic albino mice. The hypoglycemic effect of aqueous extract was non significant (p>0.1) after 10 days but in overall studies it’s p- value remained less than 0.001 in fasting subjects and similar p-value for post prandial subjects. The gradual action of the extract is indication for inducing insulin secretion.

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