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Empowering fisher women community through makhana production system

Janardan Jeea*
a*Principal Scientist, ICAR – RCER, Patna-800014., India

Received , 20th January, 2013 ;Revised: 15th February, 2013

Abstract : The project on “Empowering the fisherwomen community through Makhana Production System in Andhrathari block of Madhubani District” which was implemented in the area for three years by a Non Government Organization with technical support of technical experts from ICAR, Government of Bihar, Banks, NABARD and Cooperatives has given good results and the outcome has added in livelihood of fisherwomen in the area. The work on all the objectives leading to Fisherwomen Community and goal set up for the project was properly taken care with satisfactory output. This can be a role model for other NGO for initiating good work in remote rural area. Similar project with enlarged mandate and clear-cut objective, well defined activities may be extended for next three years adding some newer area and incorporating integrated farming systems model for small & medium farmers for its horizontal and vertical expansion. The empowered fisherwomen community now enjoys much better social and economic status by harnessing prosperity through application of scientific management of makhana production system and coming together under cooperative and self help group. Beside impact of the empowerment on social status of women of fisher community, changes at individual level also took place significantly, especially on their age of marriage, education, health, enhance of income, decision making process, right to entitlements and participation in community activities. Similarly changes in family level was evident in respect of education within family – boys and girls, health status and health seeking behavior, decision making regarding matters of property, marriage and building of confidence.

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