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Biodegradation of azodye Remazol Orange using a bacterial strain – Pseudomonas sp.

T. Ramesha*, J. Jayanthi, M.G. Ragunathana & R. Alagurajanb
*aDeptt. of Zoology Advanced Biotechnology, Guru Nanak College, Velachery, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
bDepartment of Zoology, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamilnadu

Received 25th October, 2012; Revised 30th November, 2012

Abstract: There is a large scale production of organic wastes from the textile industries which impose a great menace on the flora and fauna of the nature. So, the control measures are adopted to reduce the harmful impact of these industrial organic wastes. In present communication the biodegradation of a very common waste product of textile industries, an azodye has been shown using biocontrol agent, bacterial strain-Pseudomonas sp.
Keywords: Bodegradation, Azodye, Pseudomonas sp.


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