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Investigation of some cosmetic herbs and shrubs of rural origin recorded from Nalanda district

Satish Narain Lala* & Sanjeev Ranjanb
*aDept. of Botany, Patna Science College, Patna
bDept. of Botany, Patna University, Patna

Received 15th June, 2012; Revised 30th 10th July, 2012

Abstract : Civilization and cosmetics are contemporaneous to each other and has a long history right from the down of human intellects. Ayurvedic literature also shown significant evidences elucidating its application. Thus through this postulation the present work was motivated to observe and record some herbal cosmetics of rural origin. These herbs and shrubs are used frequently by female populations of Nalanda district in beautify their hairs, skin and complexions. Different localities and information collecting centres like beauty parlour and beautician clinics were surveyed during the year 2009-11 and authentic information regarding their use were obtained. The plants recorded are—Aloe barbadensis Mill, Curcuma longa Valeton, Piper betle Linn., Carica papaya Linn., Daucus carota, Melastoma malabathricum Linn., Inchnocarpus frutescens R. Br, Lyeopersicum esculentum Mill, Solanum tuberosum. All are new records from this area in the field of ethnobotany. Further investigations in this regard are in progress.
Key words: Nalanda, Rajgir, herbs, rural, cosmetic

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