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Potential of some wild leafy vegetables as natural source for supplementation of micronutrients in vegetarian diets of Jharkhand area

Sunita Thakura, Sudhanshu Kumarb & Arvind Kumarb
aDepartment of Botany, P.P.K.College ,Bundu and
bDepartment of Soil Science and Agric. Chemistry, Birsa Agriculture University, Kanke, Ranchi.
Received 15 May, 2011;  Revised 14th August, 2011.

Abstract : Jharkhand is land of forest and hills. Tribal and other people residing in the area are dependent on forest produces besides agriculture. Many potherbs are consumed by the population of this area as nutritional supplement. Most of them are growing as weed. Some of these potherbs are sold in the village markets either fresh or in dried state .Authors have surveyed these village markets with an aim to identify scientifically those potherbs and also to get information about their medicinal value. Present communication reports about the micronutrient of some less known potherbs which are wild in nature.


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