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Effect of IBA in the propagation of Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) – An important medicinal plant under climatic conditions of Jharkhand

Vishwa Raj Lal & Radha Krishna Jha
Biotechnology Laboratory, University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received :25th June 2011 Revised : 15th August, 2011

Abstract : Gymnema sylvestre is an important medicinal plant native to Deccan Peninsula¹ is also found in different parts of Chota Nagpur pleateau region, commonly known as Gurmar. The plant is being used extensively in herbal formulation to bring about blood glucose homeostasis. Gymnemic acid², the active principle obtained from the leaf of the plant has ant diabetes property.Gymnema sylvestr³e is rare in nature due to poor seed germination. Planting materials of Gurmar were collected during Feb. 2010 from ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region Research Centre, Plandu, Ranchi. The explants were first treat with fungicide and were later dipped in different concentration of growth regulators (IBA). Viz. IBA (1000ppm), IBA (1500ppm), IBA (2000ppm), IBA (2500ppm), and plus a control. Higher percentage of rooting (70%) was recorded in apical shoot cuttings with IBA 2500ppm and longer roots were observed in cuttings treated with IBA 2500ppm than the control.


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