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Morphotaxonomical studies of some species Cylindrospermum kutz Cyanoprokaryote, from Ranchi district

Ashmrita Mahto & Radha Sahu*
*Algal Biotechnology Laboratory,
University Department of Botany,  R.U., Ranchi.
Received 4th December, 2010; Revised 9th February, 2011

Abstract : Cylindrospermum are heterocystous filamentous algal taxa belonging to the order Nostocales and family Nostocaceae Cylindrospermum retaining their motile power throughout life may be regarded as permanent hormogonia in the latter movement continuous even during akinete formation.Nitrogen fixation is known to occur in cylindrospermum .In India 14 species of Cylindrospermum found are all N2 fixers .
The present paper deal with the total four species of Cylindrospermum, C. michailouskoense, C. Indicum Rao, C. doryphorum Bruhl , C. musicola Kutzin collected for the first time from the fields of Jharkhand during July 2008- July 2010.In a mixed bloom of algae C. doryphorum Bruhl was observed on stagnant water of rice field of Karamtoli at Ranchi. C. michailouskoense was found in floating rice field of Silli block, C. Indicum Rao from Angara block in cultured rice field at Ranchi. C. musicola Kutzin from Buti at Ranchi in water logged soil of rice field. The entire above habitat has pH value ranging from 6.5-7.5.


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