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Medico-ethnobotanical study of Madhubani district, Bihar

Satish Kumar Sinhaa* & Ramesh Chandrab
aDeptt. of Botany, Samta College, Jandaha, Vaishali, Bihar
bDeptt. of Botany S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar.
Received 11th January, 2011; Revised 27th February, 2011

Abstract : Ethno-medico Botany has greater role in modern period. The present paper contains some Ethno-medico plants of Madhubani district. Extensive ethno-medico explorations have been done in several remote areas of Madhubani district during the year of 2001-2002. Accumulated information on 20 medicinal plants species used to relieve various eliments among people residing in the remote villages of Madhubani district has been obtained.


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