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Ethnomedicinal values of Piper longum Linn., Piper betle Linn. and Piper nigrum Linn. of family Piperaceae

Shrinath Paul* & Radha Krishna Jha
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Received 5th Jan’2011; Revised 27th Feb’2011.

Abstract : The present communication brings out, ethno-medicinally valuable three plant species i.e., Piper longun Linn., Piper betle Linn. and Piper nigrum Linn. belongs to family Piperaceae. These medicinal plants have the highest level of ethno-medicinal values which are used in the treatment of different ailments in the urban as well as rural areas of Jharkhand, India. These medicinal plants used as folk and traditional treatment of cough and cold, bronchitis, constipation, fever, ulcer, anti-malarial, antibacterial etc. by the tribals and others.


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