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Effect of neem seed kernels upon the rate of mortality of Spodoptera litura on cauliflower plant

Renu Kumari & Prabha Rani
Department of Zoology, Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India
Received :  28th, June 2011, Revised : 08th, August, 2011

Abstract : The tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura) is a polyphagous insect attacking a number of plants is also one of the most serious common pests of cauliflower crop. All the 1st to 5th instar larvae damage the leaves as well as head of cauliflower crop. It has developed resistance to several synthetic insecticides. So, the plant products especially neem based products has gained worldwide attention. Neem (Azadirachta indica A.Juss) is one of the commercially exploited species and there are more than 80 formulations available. They are not only effective against crop pests but also relatively safer to natural enemies. Among them neem seed kernels is most effective on lepidopteron pests. Therefore, experiment were conducted to study the pesticidal effect of need seed kernels upon the mortality rate of all 1st to 5th instar larvae of S.litura. For this 100% neem seed kernels were used as doses of 50ml/liter of water per 15 days and 5 days of intervals at normal temperature (160 to 200C) and normal RH 71 to 80%. A suitable control treatment without the spraying of neem seed kernels solution was also maintained. After experiment it was observed that 50 to 60% mortality was caused if given dose of formulation were spread per 15 days of intervals and 80 to 85% mortality was caused if same dose were spread per 5 days of intervals. Thus, given dose of 100% neem seed kernels solution controlled about 75 to 85% damage of cauliflower crop plant.


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