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Toxic effect of pesticides on biodiversity of avian fauna of Kanpur region, Uttar Pradesh

Atul Kumar Mishra
Associate Professor, Department of Zoology,
D.A.V. P.G. College, Kanpur (U.P.) INDIA
Received :  25th June, 2011, Revised : 05th August, 2011

Abstract : Present study focused on toxic effect of pesticides on biodiversity of avian fauna of Kanpur region of Uttar Pradesh. The most harmful toxic persistent chemicals like D.D.T., Dialdrin, Aldrin, Organophosphorus, Organochlorine, and Carbamate are very common pesticides. In farmland, grassland and agricultural areas, the use of such types of dangerous pesticides caused decline of biodiversity of avian fauna of Kanpur city. These chemicals are very harmful, neurotoxic substances due to their acute, chronic and sub-chronic posionous nature. The use of these pesticides in large scale cause behavioural and reproductive disturbances among variety of birds in Kanpur City.
For this purpose data was collected in the winter, autumn and summer season.
It is clearly evident, that due to harmful effect of pesticides, large number of bird species decline and are at the stage of extinct ion. It is also concluded that the nesting and reproductive behaviour of birds effected due to toxic dose of pesticides.


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