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New report of seven algae from Chandratal, an alpine lake of Himachal Pradesh State, India

R.K. Gupta & S.K. Srivastava*
Central National Herbarium, Botanical Survey of India, Howrah
Received 3rd May, 2010; Revised 24th August, 2010

Abstract : The present paper deals with the report of 9 species of algae belonging to 8 genera under 6 families and 3 classes from Chandratal lake, a high altitude alpine wetland located in Spiti division of Lahaul-spiti district in trans Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh State, India. Out of the total 9 species, 7 species viz., Ulothrix cylindricum Prescott,  Microspora amoena var. gracilis (Wille) De Toni., Stigeoclonium flagelliferum Kütz, Sirogonium pseudofloridanum(Prescott) Transeau, Zygnema leiospermum De Bary, Trachelomonas pulcherrima Playfair and Phormidium favosum (Bory) Gomont have been reported for the first time from the Himachal Pradesh State. A brief taxonomic description of each species including nomenclatural citation, and distribution  is given. Line diagrams of all the species is also  provided.


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