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Physico-chemical properties of water of river Kharkai at Domuhani, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand in relation to water pollution

Siddhartha Shankar Hota & Gouri Suresh*
Department of Botany, Jamshedpur Women’s College, Jamshedpur 831001, Jharkhand, India
Received 17th June, 2010; Revised 2nd August, 2010

Abstract : Jamshedpur is one of the most well known industrial cities of India. Situated in the state of Jharkhand, it is a picturesque city at the confluence of River Kharkai and River Subarnarekha. These two rivers meet at ‘Domuhani’, also called ‘Rivers Meet’ at Sonari, Jamshedpur. Water from River Subarnarekha is collected and subsequently treated by the JUSCO Water Treatment Plant before supplying it for consumption in the TISCO areas. People living in non TISCO areas are seen to use water from Subarnarekha directly. Discharges from many small and medium scale industries of Jamshedpur are seen to flow into Kharkai, which empties into Subarnarekha at Domuhani. This was the reason why the present study was taken up. It comprises analysis of physico-chemical properties of the water of River Kharkai at Domuhani. During the course of this study, water samples were collected on a monthly basis from the selected site and analysed for seventeen different physico-chemical parameters. Values obtained were correlated with Indian Standards of drinking water and conclusions drawn. Relevant authorities can take remedial actions to reduce water pollution at the study site based on these findings.


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