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Studies on water pollution of river Subarnarekha at Domuhani, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand based on Physico-chemical properties of water

Siddhartha Shankar Hota & Gouri Suresh*
Department of Botany, Jamshedpur Women’s College, Jamshedpur 831001, Jharkhand, India
Received  6th July, 2010; Revised 18th August, 2010

Abstract : Water, the universal solvent, plays a prime role in the existence of life on earth. Yet, due to the recklessness of man, most of our water bodies are polluted. A change in physical, chemical and biological aspects water beyond certain limits is detrimental to human beings and other life forms in the area. Considerable investigations have been done in this regard on many water bodies in India. Yet a comprehensive study of River Subarnarekha at the Domuhani area in Sonari, Jamshedpur has not been done systematically till date. Hence the present study. Water samples were collected from both the banks of the river and also from further inwards on a monthly basis and analysed for seventeen physico-chemical parameters. The values obtained were compared with the Indian Standard specifications for drinking water, as well as WHO guideline where required, because water of River Subarnarekha is the main source of drinking water for most of the people of Jamshedpur. Though this water is collected and subsequently treated by the JUSCO Water treatment Plant before supplying for consumption, people living in non TISCO areas are seen to use this water directly. The findings of this study will be reported to the concerned authorities for necessary corrective action.


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