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Effect of plant growth regulators on shoot regeneration on in vitro using shoot bud culture of Pongamia pinnata (Karanj)

Vishhwaraj Lala* & Anju Priya Akhouryb
aDept. of Biotechnology, Jamshedpur Womens College, Jamshedpur
bDept. OF Botany and Co-ordinator of Biotechnology, Jamshedpur Womens College, Jamshedpur
Received 3rd June, 2010; Revised 13th August, 2010

Abstract : Axillary shoot multiplication from shoot bud segments collected from the superior about  15 year old Pongamia pinnata(Karanj) tree were tried . Pongamia pinnata axillary bud explants receiving 2.0mg/l BA gave the height response as far as individual cytokinins are concerned . In such cultures shoots varying from 3 to 5 numbers were produced at an average of 3.0±1.62 per plant. Shoots formed in vitro were rooted on full-strength MS medium supplemented with different concentration of growth regulator.


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