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Spinning behaviour of Tribolium sp. larvae in the crushed wheat grains (Suji) in stores

Seema Priyadarshini*a, M.Prasada, K. N. Dubeya & U. Singhb
aDepartment of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi.
 bDepartment of Zoology, Ranchi College, Ranchi.

Received 1st February 2006; Revised 12th July 2006

Abstract : Second and third larval instars Larvae of Tribolium species growing in the crushed wheat grains commonly called ‘Suji’ displays unique behaviour of spinning net by secreting fine transparent thread from its oral region. The adults are deprived of this property. The fine threads in contact with air become hard and strong. During this process of hardening, large number of suji particles get tightly attached with the thread. The combination of thread and particles form obnoxious lump of irregular shape, size and length. These lumps are wonderful shelters called hibernaculum for the growing larvae prior to the pupation. The hibernaculum is helpful in adult emergence and evades the common man notice.

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