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Diversity of parasite fauna in amphibian and reptilian populations of Rohilkhand region, India

Neelima Gupta*, Pooja Chandra, Reena Rastogi & Manju Bhaskar
Department of Animal Science, M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, 243006. U.P. India

Received: 29th March 2006; Revised 10th August 2006

Abstract : A total of 350 amphibians (250 Bufo melanostictus; 100 Rana tigrina) and 250 reptiles (200 Hemidactylus flaviviridis; 50 Calotes versicolor) were examined for blood and gastrointestinal parasites from Rohilkhand region, India. Eight parasitic species were discovered from the hosts: One protozoan species (Nyctotherus) 4 helminths (3 nematode species, Oxysomatium, Oswaldocruzia and Thelandros; and 1 cestode species, Proteocephalus). In addition, 3 species of blood parasites (Hepatozoon, Lankesterella and Trypanosoma) were also recorded. Frequency index (FI.) and Concentration index (C.I) values of these parasites were highest for the intestinal parasite, Oxysomatium in Bufo (100 % EI; 55 par/host C.I.) whereas minimum values (3.7% EI; 2 par/host C.I) for Oswaldocruzia in Hemidactylus were recorded. Amongst the blood parasites, Hepatozoon rastogii indicated highest F.I. (69.50%) and C.I. (12 par/100 RBC’s) in Rana tigrina. On the other hand Trypanosoma rotatorium was recorded at lowest F.I. (1.49%) and C.I. (1 par/lOORBC’s) in Rana tigrina Keywords: Bufo melanostictus, Rana tigrina, Hemidactylus flaviviridis, Calotes versicolor, Protozoans, Helminths, Blood parasites, Frequency index (EL), Concentration index (CI.)

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