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Description of a new species of the Ponerine ant genus, Emeryopone (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Karnataka, India

Thresiamma Varghese*
Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, India

Received: 16th June, 2006 Revised: 29th July, 2006

Abstract: A new species of Emeryopone, Emeryopone narendrani is described from Karnataka, and is the first record of this genus from India. The ant genus Emeryopone is a small group, with only 4 species around the world. They are B. buttelreepeni Forel from Sumatra, B. franzi (Baroni Urbani) from Nepal, B. loebli (Baroni Urbani) from Israel and E. melaina Xu from China. The new species, E. narendrani comes closer to E. buttelreepeni from Sumatra.

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