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Community structure of benthic malacofauna in a freshwater lake at Ranchi

 M K Mehta, R Bhattacharjee, Kiran Kumari, Ipsita Bose, Veenapani, Shilpy Chourasia & N S Sen*
Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi 834008

Received: 27th June 2006; Revised: 25th July 2006

Abstract: Population pattern of freshwater benthic molluscan population in a freshwater lake has been studied. Monthly data collected in five sites based on depth gradient have been subjected to statistical interpretation to analyse the community structure and population pattern, interspecific associationship and spatial similarity and dissimilarity for the malacofauna Molluscs are known for their spatial random/ non-random distribution and that certainly helped the purpose of the work.

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