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Physiochemical and microbial analysis of Pre-Monsoon Ganga water from Saran district

Sunil Kr. Guptaa* & P. C. Guptab
aDepartment of Botany, Jai Prakash University, Chapra, Bihar, India
bDepartment of Botany, P. R. College, Sonpur, Bihar, India
Received : 20th July, 2022 ; Revised : 20th August, 2022

Abstract– The human activities in and around the river including the one from religious point of view have greatly affected the quality of river water. The consistent irresponsible activities have now reached to an extent where if proper measures are not taken the water pollution can never be reverted and the world would face a major biodiversity loss from aquatic ecosystem. This loss will directly and indirectly affect every living organism on the planet. The present study was performed to evaluate the Physio-chemical and microbial parameter of river water collected from three different locations. The present work shows the analysis result of before monsoon study. The parameters for quality check comprised of pH, alkalinity, electrical conductivity, total solids, hardness, alkalinity and acidity, phosphorous and sulphate content, BOD, COD, DO and elemental analysis (As, F, Na, K, Ca). The outcome of the present work evaluates that the river water is polluted mainly from the human activity and domestic waste disposal from nearby settlements. The high level of hardness (164.1±0.047, 196.2±0.047, 240.3±0.163mg/L) and total solids (190.3 ± 0.125, 375.2±0.850, 440.5±0.082mg/L) represents that the water is being contaminated with domestic discharge that are leading to accumulation of calcium, phosphate and sulphate. The lower value of dissolved oxygen (8.5±0.021, 8.9±0.082, 8.3±0.050 ml/L) and higher value for Coliform count (3×105 to 18×105) indicated a higher microbial load in the water. The water quality can only be improved by taking proper measures regarding the waste disposal in and around the river.

Key words: River water, Physio-chemical, Microbial analysis, Water quality

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