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Gut content analysis of Labeo rohita in relation to phytoplankton from the fish ponds of Machhali Ghar, Doranda, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Akriti Gupta* & Shashi Kumar Sinha
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 12th May, 2022 ; Revised : 11th June, 2022

Abstract– Fish pond, of Machhali Ghar, Doranda, Ranchi district lies between, 23.3393562 latitude, 85.3161996 longitude. These fish ponds are one of the biggest fish breeding centers of Indian major carps in Jharkhand and are also used for table size fish production. In the present investigation, the gut contents of Labeo rohita, popularly known as rohu were analyzed for understanding their food habits. The study was conducted during the period of July 2020 – June 2021. Results of the study conducted on three different stages mainly (fry, fingerling and juveniles) reported that the juvenile stage of L. rohita having mean weight (90 ± 08 g) showed positive selection of most phytoplankton organisms. The present study also revealed that the Labeo rohita exhibits different feeding habits in different seasons during its growth period from fry to juvenile stage.

Key words: Gut content analysis, Labeo rohita, phytoplankton, fingerling, adult.

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