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Physico-Chemical analysis and sustainable diversity of fishes of Ghordaur pokhar of Hajipur in North Bihar (India)

Rajan Kumar & Prashant Kumar*
University Department of Zoology, J.P. University,Chhapra, Bihar, India
Received : 16th June, 2021 ; Revised : 16th July, 2021

Abstract– In the present project at a pond named Ghordaur Pokhara, a comprehensive study was conducted on the physicochemical characteristics and sustainable diversity for fish. The pond is situated on the side of Hajipur Patna main road in the city and because of this it is of utmost importance. Various types of fish including Pangasius are cultivated in this pond. The study of various physicochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, turbidity, total hardness, total alkalinity, BOD,
COD, etc., were completed throughout year i.e. January to December 2020. The study was also done seasonally such as summer season, rainy season and winter season. The result shows that the pond water is not much suitable for fish rearing.

Key words: Physico-Chemical analysis, temperature, pH, turbidity, total hardness, total alkalinity, BOD, COD.

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