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Efficacy of Aegle marmelos against Sitophilus oryzae

Reecha Kishore* & Resman Yasmin
Department of Zoology, Gaya College, Gaya, Bihar, India
Received : 1st June, 2021 ; Revised : 4th July, 2021

Abstract– The present study deals with the evolution of Aegle marmelos against Sitophilus oryzae. Sitophilus oryzae is very destructive pest of rice-grains. Botanical insecticides are broad spectrum in pest control and many are safe apply, unique in action and can be easily processed and used a numbers of plants have been identified. The leaves of Aegle marmelos showed the insecticidal activity. Aegle marmelos contains bioactive compounds. The leaves powder at different doses significantly reduced oviposition and adult emergence of Sitophilus oryzae. Absolute mortality was not observed in 1 gm concentration. In 2 gms absolute mortality was recorded on 15th day of observation. On 10th days total mortality was obtained in 3 gms. In 4 gms concentration total mortality was recorded on 3rd days. Increase the doses the emergence and oviposition decreases. Hence the result suggest the ability of using these Aegle marmelos for stored grain pest infestation as a safe alternative to insecticides.

Key words: Bryophytes, Diversity, Diversity indices, Madhepura, Mosses, Species composition

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